Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Desperate Menendez Summons Ghosts, Whores

How do you know that a candidate is desperate? When said politician has to rely on ghosts and "whores" to show up at the polls and vote on Election Day (accepting the fact that you don't live in a city where such practices are standard procedure).

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), in a fight for his life amid allegations of staggering ethics violations, has resorted to raising the specter of Vietnam to rally New Jersey to his cause:

"Then, like now, the American people suffered the consequences of a president who simply could not come clean about a war that was draining our treasury and costing thousands of American lives."

Severe historical, political, and contextual objections aside, Menendez continues to epitomize the exact bungling, directionless, corrupt and selfish leadership that Americans and New Jerseyans do not need particularly in a time of war. Remaking Iraq into Vietnam may satisfy Menendez's personal and political aims, but it does little to help the U.S. win a battle already engaged. Does a United States senator truly expect the people of New Jersey to be spooked sufficiently by 30 year-old phantoms to affirm his "inspiring leadership" in the voting booth?

Perhaps so, considering his condescending strategy is not restricted to the supernatural. Menendez also has placed faith in a pair of "media-whores" (thanks, Rush) to sway state sentiment away from his darkening personal image. I refer of course to disgraced media-tramp Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame, who recently accompanied Menendez to a news conference and a speech at Rutgers. Discredited even by liberal newspapers, with one media outlet recently lamenting that readers took Wilson "so seriously," white knight Wilson has lost his luster. Why bring him campaigning unless already low on options; why reach for a down-and-out has-been unless an increasing number of politicians have problems stumping for you? They can't ALL be tied up with dentist appointments, Bob.

Menendez's back is to the wall, and people in scary situations do desperate things. Like tell ghost stories or lay down with pigs. Luckily, since the citizens of New Jersey are not dumb or corrupt (contrary to national opinion), Bob Menendez's tactics are doomed to fail. Talking as if Nixon or Bush are on the ballot cannot change the fact that Tom Kean is his November opponent. Kean remains a respected lawmaker who, if you believe the polls, has kept voters focused on Menendez's numerous and embarrassing shortcomings, in addition to the way in which Kean will better serve the great state of New Jersey. This unavoidable reality alone looks to spell disaster for Menendez, his ghouls, and whatever other dregs can be fished out of the sewer between now and Election Day.

Read more at National Review Online about Wilson and Plame's lies.

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